Justices only get $23, 400 as estacode, £10, 000 for medical bills —S-Court


The Supreme Court, yesterday, said there was no truth in the allegation that it operates a secret account from which its Justices, including the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, benefited from illegal withdrawal of funds.

The apex court, via a press statement by its Director, Press and Information, Dr. Akande Festus, maintained that salaries and allowances paid to its Justices were “either provided for or alluded to in the Certain Political, Public and Judicial Office Holders [Salaries and Allowances, etc.] [Amendment] Act, 2008.

In its bid to set the record straight, the apex court, revealed that its Justices individually collect the sum of $23, 400 as estacode per annum, as well as another £10, 000 as medical allowances. According to the Supreme Court, “the pegging of this annual medical fee at £10,000 was a product of high discretion and commendable financial prudence to guard against a situation where varying medical bills that could even be as high as £50,000 or more would be submitted for reimbursement.”

It said contrary to “erroneous reports” being fed to the public, lawyers working at the Supreme Court were only paid N400, 000 Barrister Annual Robbing Allowance, while the Deputy Chief Registrars collect N500, 000.

Besides, the apex court said it was imperative but “saddening” for it to reveal to the world, that the CJN who steers affairs of the Nigerian judiciary, earns less than N500,000 per month. It decried that monthly salary of the CJN, “is far less than what a Personal Assistant to someone else somewhere earns.”

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TNV’s Take:

Master Jesus turned fed the multitude with five loaves and two fish. Maybe the gift of that same miracle has been given to our Justices too

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  1. This response does not categorically refute the allegation of a personal account and extra monies paid from it, they have just reiterated what they are paid by law. Proves nothing! I expect the issue will die a natural death as usual and no one gets punished. Naija for uniqueness!

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