Alert!!! Covenant University Needs To Be Investigated!


This morning, whilst checking twitter, I came across these very worrisome tweets and I think it should be publicised for a few reasons:

  1. To give the school the opportunity to know the concerns of their students
  2. To give the school an opportunity to state their case
  3. To give parents a picture of what could be going on in school
  4. To give the regulating authorities a chance to monitor and reiew what might be going on at this institution.

This young man  must be saluted for his bravery and I sincerely hope that more young people have the boldness to come out and tell their stories. Loss of lives – especially young ones – must not be taken for granted by school authorities under whose guidance every circumstance must show that they are doing their utmost best to cater for students’ health.

That said, who knows the appropriate authorities that should look into this?


The more I read those tweets, the more worried I’ve become. I do not think parents should seat back and expect that because their children are in private universities, they can go to bed with their eyes closed. How is it possible that this could be happening right under the Student Union’s Nose?

Are there any agencies that look into social media and redirect worrisome posts / tweets to the appropriate authorities? This is one of such tweets that should be rightly directed to the Ministries of Education and  Health.

I do hope that the Ministry of Education has not left the Private Univeristies to sit pretty saying  ‘na rich man pikin school’, otherwise, as usual, nothing would be done.

As a parent, I would be frightened if such reports come out of a school that my child attends. Would you be worried too? Do you think this deserves some investigation too? Let’s know your thoughts because the verdict is yours.

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It's your turn, what do you think?

  1. Well, I like the topic "Covenant University NEEDS to be INVESTIGATED. I think before any conclusion is reached, it truly should be investigated. I am not a fan of the school, however, there are some things that are hard to believe because I strongly doubt that if this story is true, this tweep is the first to voice out. In the first place, I wouldn't pay so much money in a school and have my child complain about an issue this important and not look into it immediately. Having written that, we have not heard anything about the death of the students or any complaint from a parent and we know how well the media is quick to drop stories about these private universities. In addition, I do not understand how a student of such a reputable university would spell exit as exeat and catarrh as chatter. It took a while to understand those words. Let us look into this issue before any image tarnishing begins and I truly hope the school is admonished accordingly.

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  2. @SoulPretty, I agree with you, but only to a small extent.

    First we should ask why anybody will want to lie about a school. What does this person stand to gain.

    Second, as the poster observed, why don't we have agencies that look into these social media posts?

    Thirdly, don't forget that this is an Xtian school and many people get scared of authorities in that setting. This can be an easy thing to hide. They will send emissaries to the grieving family and that will be it because they must conform to the church/cult status

    Finally, the poster should not get sucked in, this should ideally be reported to NUC, not internet.

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  3. Covenant university, na today. The authorities. Of that school are draconian and authoritative, 2 of my siblings attended the school. Note that u r not allowed to complain the founder would tell you to tell your parents to go and start a university.

    When one of my siblings was There they expelled a male student who opened the door for a. Female student after they handed out a law that guys and girls shouldn't be seen with each other.

    Their staff are rude and have no regard. And seeing as we are so religious to the point of not being able to question spiritual leaders, parents just accept anything that happens there.

    I don't doubt any of what the guy said, it might even be worse

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  4. If these tweets are true,then this calls for serious attention. I can't even imagine what the students are going through. Something needs to be done.

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    • I am a student of CU and the tweets are true to a major extent especially the part about hiding files, drips and malaria. I think the school should do a lot more about the health centre.

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