Saints, Sinners & Spirits – Episode 1


‘Wait!!!!’ Segi yelled, trying to push him away, bucking her hips so that she could dislodge his head, but he tapped her thighs, silently asking her to keep still as his tongue delivered its swift ministrations down there, at the very core of her being. A long swish and then tiny flicks at the same lazy but firm pace, dancing to the rhythm of the beats playing only in his head. She did not know how he did it, but she had never come across anyone who could give head the way Keppy could.

She knew it would happen soon, could feel the build up and as the buzz in her veins. Ahhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhh.. soon, almost. She was coming, coming, com…. All of a sudden, it stopped as she crashed into alert wakefulness. What had happened? Why had it stopped? The sensations in her pussy had so felt real, as though someone had just touched her there. Shit. She had really been enjoying that dream. Why had she woken up right at the edge of her delicious come? Why had she roused?

Before the question left her head, she felt the kick again, this time, slightly firmer than the first. ’S.H, please I need some drinking water’ said the hoarse voice, heavy from sleep.

How about you get up from bed and get your own damned water. Who wakes another person for shit like this? ‘Okay D.H, I’m coming.’ she said, as she groped for her phone in the dark, hoping to use it’s torch as illumination to the kitchen.

She shuffled, out of the room, irritated that she had been roused from her delicious dream, asked to perform a task that he could have done himself. She could still feel the tingling between her thighs. ‘Anyway’, she thought, ‘perhaps I will score some points from the Almighty for this, after all, we have been told to submit to our husbands.’ she said, slightly guilty because she ought to be so spirit filled that she should really not have these evil, yet so enjoyable dreams. She was certain that none of the other women at the Pastors Wives Fellowship, where she was a new member, would be having these type of dreams. Many times, it was really hard being a Pastor’s wife. She was still not sure she was prepared for this.

She had first met her husband, Derin Hughes, a few years ago at their NYSC Camp in Oyo State. He had been withdrawn and sulky in the first days of Camp because his aunty had promised him a Lagos posting. Unfortunately, the plan had not materialised and Oyo had come a close second.

Segilola on the other hand, had been excited to be in the Oyo Camp because one of her older male ‘friends’ had informed her that he had personally removed her name from the Zamfara State List. So she had been very excited to be in Oyo State, not so far from home.

Segi and Derin had been in the same platoon and she had been drawn to him when they had been conscripted into the Drama Group, alongside a few other too-eager-to-be-in-the-NYSC programme guys. Segi had liked the aloof air Derin had walked around with, like he was better than the rest of them. She had set out to be friends with him and the rest was history.

Derin had ticked all the right boxes for Segi. He was posh, seemed to have some money and had a lot of prospects. He had studied Economics at the University of Lagos. He could be considered a big boy, he even had a car back home. Derin had told her he lived in the posh Lekki area of Lagos. She had been very enamoured with him on camp had worked on being friends with him, they had kept that friendship beyond the three week orientation camp after which he had gone back to his business in Lagos as he had agreed to a ‘settlement’ with the Coorodinators whilst she stayed back to ensure she was posted to Ibadan.

They had enjoyed many long, mid night calls and although she had rarely seen Derin in that service year, she knew they were in some sort of relationship, so she kept her ‘runs’ to a minimum. Derin was the one she had resolved to settle down with. She had believed everything he told her and it was not until it was time to meet his family for the introduction that things became a little clearer, but it was too late then because she had been two months pregnant. It was then that she realised that the ‘Lekki’ he referred to was actually past Ajah and his real car was an old banger. There was so much history that she did not want to dwell on.

Back to the present, she could hear the cockroaches as they scurried for cover, the irritating sound of their hairy legs as they crawled on nylon bags was enough to send her running, but she did not want him to begin grumbling again, so she braced up and did a cursory sweep of the kitchen with the light from her phone torch. Once she was certain that there were no roaches in sight, she cleaned a tray and served the water in a tall glass cup. She was not surprised that it was not cold. There was never any light here, anyway.

‘God bless you S.H, you are indeed a woman after God’s heart’ he said as he gulped the water down in a rush ‘Ha, its not cold?’ he asked as he dropped the glass back on the tray.

Why should it be, do you have a standby generator? ‘But you know there has been no Nepa since yesterday morning’ she responded, still irritated at the intrusion to her slumber. She had checked the time and it was 1.15a.m. In a few hours, she knew he would begin his morning prayers, which would disturb her sleep again for Derin’s prayers were sometimes very loud.

‘Okay, let us sleep my dear’ he said, patting the space beside him on the bed, silently informing her that there was no need to return the tray right now.

‘Let me quickly return the tray’ she said, hoping to sideline his obvious intentions. When her husband pat the bed like that, it only meant one thing and she was not ready for a repeat of last night’s experience. It had been the same story all over again. Her spiritual husband had come before she had even begun to get wet. The worst part was that he expected her to be grateful for his ‘ministrations’. She was not ready to be disillusioned again this night and so, she stayed back to wash the cup and tray, she also refilled the bottle from the water dispenser. She stayed back until she suspected that he should have sifted back into sleep before she went back into the room and sat gently on the edge of the bed  to analyse her dream.

She knew from the many conversations they had in the Women’s Fellowship that there was such a thing as ‘Spirit Husbands’. Was it possible that she, the praying wife of a Pastor could be visited by a Spirit Husband? Even if her prayers were not strong enough, was she not sleeping on the same bed with a spirit filled man? What could the problem then be?  To be honest she thought it is not as though I really mind, is it? this Keppy guy brings it on every time. It seems to be the most delicious sex I have had in ages. She wondered if it was a pure coincidence that Keppy came only when she had unsatisfied urges from the rubbish performance her husband gave.

‘But wait, I have never seen his face in the dream, so how do I know his name?’ she wondered. ‘Keppy…. Keppy… do I know anybody that goes by that name?’ she searched her mind and realised that there was nobody she knew by that name. She cast a glance over her shoulder to confirm that her husband had slept even deeper and decided to shelve the worries for now. She needed the deep bliss of sleep. As she lay her body on the bed, she heard his hoarse voice, gruff from sleep, ’S.H, oya come to papa’.

Segilola rolled her eyes and conceded, aware of the fact that even indomie noodles cooked slower than her hubby’s come.


Pastor Derin Hughes looked at his reflection in the mirror and knew that he looked good. If there was anything he had learnt in his years at Unilag, it was how to package oneself. He was sure that his appearance would convey the aura of a very successful Man of God to the Fellowship he was to speak to in VGC. He hoped that he could make an impression because this could guarantee him entry into the world of the very very rich. It was important to have these big spenders in one’s Fellowship because their tithes alone would make a world of difference in his ministry. He could see Segilola’s reflection in the mirror as she watched him silently.

’S.H how does your husband look baby? he asked as he did a slow 360 for her.
‘You look good as always Derin’ she answered.
‘What’s wrong? You look down’ he asked
‘Yes. I’m worried about us. How are we going to pay this rent? It is due in two month’s time? When will we have children? Will I ever get another job? Why don’t you put you ceevee out and get a regular job. You can have a full time job and still be a Pastor u know?’ she asked in a rush, putting all her worries into words.
‘Shhhh, my love’ I have it all sorted out. See, once God expands this ministry, you will be amazed’ he said
‘Derin, are you sure you know what you are doing? Do you really think you are a Pastor?’ she asked him. This was a question she had asked over and over again.
‘Segiiiii! We’ve gone over this many times! I have warned you about this thing. I WAS CALLED!!!!’ he answered with flashing eyes, showing a glimpse of the crazy Derin he had worked so hard to suppress in the last six months
‘I’m sorry. It just that you were convinced the about the printing business, the party rentals, the writing, the life coach, and now this.’ she said as softly as she could, naming a few of the hare-brained schemes he had wasted their money on. Money that was no longer coming in since she lost her bank job.
‘See, God was preparing me for this my darling and I am still a life coach. Don’t worry baby. I’m sure God’s Hand is in this’ he said, back to his positive mood.
‘Okay’ she said as she went back to sit at the top of the bed, already littered with many jackets and fake designer belts. As usual, he had laid out the contents of his wardrobe and drawers, just to decide on today’s outfit.

‘I told you I’m fellowshipping with the VGC Women’s Fellowship, didn’t I?’ he asked
‘Yes, you did.’ said Segi
‘Did I tell you that the fellowship would hold at the Roberts’ Residence?’ he asked, as he told his wife the good news
‘The same Chief Roberts?’ asked Segi, intrigued and impressed.
‘The one and the same, my love. If I can convert a few of them to begin to fellowship with us, we might be on our way’ he said, finally giving off the reason for his excitement
‘Deeeerin, did you not say you were called? Is this the kind of thinking you should be havin?’ asked Segi
‘I was called! Will God come down from heaven himself? Look Segi, God has given me the gift of speech, I will use it to his glory and God will bless me for it’ he said, obviously irritated
‘Don’t be angry’ she said as she got up to adjust his necktie. She looked down at him, for he was slightly shorter than she and hugged him tight. For all it was worth, she knew she loved her husband deeply

‘I wish you well today, baby. Go well’ she said
‘Thanks. Don’t worry, the Spirit will visit you, open your eyes and give you discernment’ he said. She chuckled because she still found it hard to identify with her husband when he began his Pastor lingua as she often called it.
‘Okay or Amen’ she responded ‘Don’t worry, I gat your back on this’ she said as she winked at him when she noticed he was about to frown.
‘I know. I just need you to believe’ he grumbled.
‘I do. I will, I shall. Is there anything you need me to cover while you are away?’ she asked
‘Oh yes! Can you go to the office for me? I’m interviewing someone for PA role’ he said
‘PA? Can we afford one now?’ she asked
‘Don’t worry about that’  brushing off her concerns ‘I’ve already spoken with the guy and he sounds like a cool, young man. I just need your intuition on this, you know much I trust your intuition shey?’ he asked
‘Okay. What time should I get there?’ she asked
’11.30 / 12.00 should be fine’ he responded, already rushing out.
Segi peeked at the clock and knew that her husband had rushed out on purpose. It was already 10.30a.m. and she had not yet had her bath. She shook her head for she knew her Derin was the King of short notice.


Segilola got to ‘the office’ at 11.30 on the dot, irritated by the fact that the air conditioner in her car had developed a fault and more annoyed by the sight that she met when she opened the door.

The office was a space they rented from their friend who owned the complex, however, Derin had talked Leye into giving him the space almost rent free, so Leye felt he could come in there and mess it up at will. Considering the fact that they had no cleaners, it was she, Segi, who was always left to clean the mess Leye and Derin constantly created. Today’s mess was very annoying because as usual, it could have been avoided. The guys had left the cracked shell of boiled groundnuts everywhere – from the desk to the floor.

Segi knew there was no need to complain as she quickly tidied up and went to throw the mess out at the back of the complex. When she came back, she met the door slightly ajar and wondered if anyone had been there for she was certain she had shut it. She did not bother for a long time as she had to work on updating CV, she could not continue to live like this. Let Derin go ahead and do what he liked, she needed a real source of income.

‘Hallo’ said a male voice.

She startled and looked up to see a young man peeking into the office. She had not heard him walk down the corridor. This man  looked familiar although she was certain she had never met him before as she was exceptional with remembering faces. He was tall with a strong athletic build, he wore a cream coloured polo t-shirt, tucked into a pair of dark navy blue jeans, his outfit did a good job of  emphasising  his well sculpted body.

‘Hi. How may I help you?’ she asked
‘Uh, I’m here to see Mrs Hughes…’ he said, sounding unsure
‘Oh, I’ve been expecting you’ she responded
‘Sorry, are you Mrs. Hughes?’ he asked
‘Yes. Come in, sit down’ she responded

‘Ah, okay ma’ there was a perceptible change in the way he addressed her and Segi smiled because this happened all the time.
She watched as he came in with a grace that most people with his height and body frame did not possess. She looked at him and knew that in anther time and another place, this would have been her kind of guy.

She set out to put him at ease as she asked ‘Are you surprised that I am the Mrs Hughes?’

‘I must say I am’ he answered honestly ‘I had expected someone older’ he said
‘Dn’t worry, I get that all the time. I often tease my husband that Hughes is such an old name. Most people expect to meet a quaint old woman instead of me. Well, I’m Segilola Hughes and you are?’ she asked with a smile

‘My name is Keppy Ekanem’ he responded, with a corresponding smile of his.

As soon as she heard his name, the smile died on her lips. She knew where she had seen this guy! She now knew. But, wait was it possible, that someone she had never seen, who often appeared in her dreams could come to her in real life? Her mind quickly went to  yesterday night’s dreams, she could feel a tingling right now, between her leg.

Could this be what Derin meant by saying he had been called? Had he too seen something in his dreams that had manifested into real life? Had she, Segilola, called Keppy to be, had she received the gift of discernment or had the Spirits finally visited her? More importantly, should she hire him as her husband’s PA? Wouldn’t it be too close for comfort? Segi was confounded and speechless…

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