Getting Even – Claudia’s Story – Part 1


Claudia sat on the last pew at the back of the church and watched them as they played at portraying the image of a happy and balanced family. She was surprised that they looked so happy. He had told her that they had begun to fight a lot but what she saw did not look like a family at war. Had he lied to her? How dare he? She looked at the profile of the woman seated beside the handsome man. She was a pretty woman. Fair, slim, tall and very curvaceous. In spite of having had three children, she looked good enough to contest for any beauty contest in the country.

‘It’s not by good looks, she said to herself. ‘Men are dogs and would be attracted to that which they do not have. So far, she had not slept with Gbemileke. They had been very close to it but she hadn’t tried to force the issue. She needed him to own the guilt that would destroy him and his marriage when it finally happened. So far, all she had done was ensure that she took up all his free time. A sensible man should have been aware enough to read the warning signals but his curiosity, thirst for adventure or naiveté had gotten the best of him and would kill him.

She ensured that she sucked up all the time he was supposed to have free for his family and wife –  the queen bitch of the century. All they had done so far were long nights doing leisurely hangouts, ‘innocent’ things like having drinks, smoking, discussing the state of the nation and playing video games. She had played those games till her thumbs were sore. Recently, she had begun to make him watch movies, one dvd at a time and it was during this periods that the temptation had begun to knock. They had kissed and touched each other, but not much else, yet. She intended to change that status quo. This man would not know what has hit him. No man had ever resisted her body.

She glanced their way again, as they knelt down to pray, holding hands, before the service started and burst out laughing. She laughed long and hard at the irony of life. How could these two devils even attempt to kneel down to pray? Had he not just left her flat a few hours ago with a rock hard erection? Is there truly a God up there listening or was this whole religion thing a sham, someone’s idea of a lifetime of April Fool’s Day. If there was a real God, let him strike them down now. Of course, she would prefer that the wife zapped first. The husband could leave only after sending some money into her account. She smiled to herself when she realised that she had unconsciously held her breath, expecting that her wish would have been answered. No such thing had happened. After all, there was nothing like a Higher Being.

As the entire congregation sat, after completing the hymns and prayers that signalled the start of the service, her mind began to whirl, she walked down memory lane and she remembered when she had met Itunnu – the bitch – for the first time. It had been that morning long ago at Isalexi Constantini Engineering Company. They had both been hired to work at the Purchasing Unit because even though the department was short staffed, the company was unwilling to hire support staff as full staff. That first day, she had glanced at the other lady that had been hired and realised that although she was a beauty, this one had a special touch about her. She moved with grace and an unawareness of the true beauty she possessed. No, she wasn’t lacking in self confidence, but she was unconcerned by beauty and all its attendant issues. On some days, she would wear make up and have the requisite full length weavon, at other times, she was content to come to the office, barefaced and with her natural hair in plaits.

As Claudia became friendly with her and watched her, she realised that the less Itunu did, the more their colleagues fell in love with her. She was a hard worker and was willing to help her colleagues out whenever there was an issue. She would cover up for them when they had to be absent from work too. This never bothered Claudia who felt that everyone had their own show and had a right to their story. She, Claudia, was unashamedly self aware and knew she had a banging hot body. Her huge breasts were upright and always jutting with the help of a good under wired push up bra, her tiny waist flared out to very curvaceous hips and her dark skin was really beautiful. Even though her facial features were not as striking as Itunu’s own, she knew that nobody could call her ugly. at worst, she could be called plain and even that was not true. She made up for everything with her body and she knew this.

As the two ladies continued their career, Claudia noted the silent differences in how people regarded them. It was Itunu that the manager would designate tasks to before anyone else, it was she that everyone else wanted to work with and it was her the boys would first make enquiries about. Claudia remembered the reason why she now hated her former friend with a passion. It started when Itunu decided that she must have the only guy in the office that liked her. She could see his face now, Olakunle Soares, tall dark and handsome. The only son of Chief Sunkanmi Soares, owner of Isalexi Constantini. The most eligible bachelor of their time. He had liked her but Itunu had set her sights on him and had wrecked that relationship.

So much water had passed under the bridge but the way Kunle and Itunnu had played their game, the hurt felt fresh. It was almost as though it had happened all over again. She could feel the office gossips pointing their fingers at her back, she could her them saying she had performed an abortion, they even called her a husband snatcher. As her eyes got red with anger, her resolve got stronger.

Payback was a bitch and Itunnu would have it served cold…

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  1. Very interesting read. Please keep it up TNV. Plus I'm looking forward to "Rich kids of lasgidi", the latest episode.

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